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Why invest in Kurdistan?

FRI, 25 JUN 2010 15:01 | KRG.org

The Kurdistan Region is an emerging market offering excellent opportunities

  • With a young and increasingly prosperous population of nearly 4 million, the Kurdistan Region covers about 40,000 square kilometres , around the same size as the Netherlands or Switzerland.

  • A stable security situation - not a single coalition soldier has lost their life nor a single foreigner been kidnapped in the area administered by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

  • The Region has two new international airports in Erbil and Suleimaniah with over 80 direct flights per week from Vienna, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dubai, Amman, Istanbul...

  • A liberal investment law, ratified in July 2006, offers foreign investors incentives including customs relief, tax holidays and the freedom to repatriate profits.

  • A regulated banking & finance sector providing basic banking services.

  • Seven universities, two of which teach exclusively in English, and a returning diaspora provide a skilled workforce with English as a second language.

  • Attractive investment opportunities in agriculture, banking, communication, construction, education & training, energy, healthcare, professional services, oil & gas and tourism...

    More information can be found on the website of the Kurdistan Investment Board

    For more on the oil and gas sector, please see natural resources

    See also:

    Investment guide 2011, The Kurdistan Region: Invest in Democracy

    Fact sheets on travel, doing business and government. The business fact sheet provides an overview of direct investment, chambers of commerce, company registration, trade missions, visas, and trade shows.

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