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Electoral Commission announces final results of Kurdistan Region elections

SAT, 8 AUG 2009 17:48 | KRG.org

Erbil, Kurdistan – Iraq (KRG.org) – The Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq (IHEC) released the final results of the Kurdistan Region presidential and parliamentary elections yesterday - 7 August 2009.

A total of 1,819,652 individuals, about 80 per cent of eligible voters, participated in the election. The results are as follows.

Presidential election:
  • Masoud Barzani, 1266397 votes – 69.6% (winner)
  • Kamal Mirawdly, 460323 votes – 25.3%
  • Hallo Ibrahim Ahmed, 63377 votes – 3.5%
  • Ahmed Muhammad Nabi, 18890 votes – 1%
  • Husain Garmiyan 10665, votes – 0.6%
Parliamentary election:
  • Kurdistan List, 1076370 votes, 59 parliamentary seats
  • Change List, 445024 votes, 25 parliamentary seats
  • Reform and Services List, 240842 votes, 13 parliamentary seats
  • Islamic Movement, 27147 votes, 2 parliamentary seats
  • Freedom and Social Justice, 15028 votes, 1 parliamentary seat
Parliamentary Seats reserved for minority groups:
  • Turkoman Democratic Movement, 18464 votes, 3 parliamentary seats
  • Turkoman Reform List, 7077 votes, 1 parliamentary seat
  • Turkoman Erbil List, 3906 votes, 1 parliamentary seat
  • Chaldean Assyrian Syriac Council, 10595 votes, 3 parliamentary seats
  • Al-Rafidain List, 5690 votes, 2 parliamentary seats
  • Aram Shahin Dawood Bakoyian, 4198 votes, 1 parliamentary seat

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