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EU Parliament holds seminar on genocide against Kurds of Iraq

FRI, 3 APR 2009 15:20 | KRG.org

Minister Mohammad Ihsan, right, delivers presentation while Swedish MEP Mr. Olle Schmidt, center, looks at the map above
Brussels, Belgium (KRG.org) – Mr Olle Schmidt, Swedish Member of the European Parliament, sponsored a one-day seminar to discuss and raise awareness of the genocide committed against the Kurds of Iraq. Mr Schmidt opened the seminar with a moment of silence in remembrance of the victims.

Mr Schmidt and Mr Fredrik Malm, a member of Sweden’s Parliament, moderated the seminar. Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister for Extra-Regional Affairs Dr Mohammed Ihsan, KRG Representative in Brussels Mr Burhan Jaf, and several academic experts also participated.

Dr Ihsan, who has rich field experience on the issue, said, “What we saw was an attempt at complete destruction – destruction of a people and of a culture. I hope history will not repeat itself in Iraq, and I hope that the European Union and the international community will work to prevent genocide in Iraq and to prevent genocide in every part of the world.”

He continued, “I think that more must be done for the victims and the relatives of the victims, from the European Union and from the KRG. International recognition of the genocide by the EU is important for us, and I hope this will be the next step.”

The Kurdish Gulan Association of Sweden partnered with MEP Mr Schmidt in organising the event. The film All My Mothers was screened in the final hour. The KRG plans to hold a high-level conference in Brussels later on this year, and has expressed interest in the passage of a European Parliament resolution recognising the crimes of the previous regime as an act of genocide.

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