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Iraqi leaders conclude roundtable in Baghdad

THU, 11 NOV 2010 09:37 | KRP.org

Baghdad, Iraq (KRP.org) - Iraq’s political leaders yesterday agreed to hold the parliamentary session as scheduled on Thursday and to name an individual for the post of Speaker of the the parliament (Council of Representatives). The Speaker post will go to the Al-Iraqiya bloc, which is headed by former prime minister Ayad Allawi.

During the meeting, which was attended by the leaders of all the winning blocs at President Masoud Barzani’s Baghdad headquarters, agreement was reached on two other points: to create a council for strategic policy and to address issues regarding national reconciliation.

President Barzani, who sponsored the three days' round of meetings, stated that today’s agreement was a big achievement for Iraqis. He expressed optimism that the next government will be formed soon and that it will be inclusive and representative of all of Iraq's communities.

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Iraqi leaders continue second day of talks in Baghdad

WED, 10 NOV 2010 13:28

Baghdad, Iraq (KRP.org) - Following their first round of talks in Erbil on Monday, Iraq’s political leaders yesterday continued their discussions on forming a new government at the Baghdad office of President Masoud Barzani.

President Barzani meets US Senators McCain, Lieberman and Graham

WED, 10 NOV 2010 13:00

Salahaddin, Kurdistan - Iraq (KRP.org) - President Masoud Barzani yesterday in Salahaddin met US Senators Joe Lieberman, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham, before going to Baghdad for continued talks on Iraq's government formation.

President Barzani chairs meeting of Kurdistan Alliance

MON, 8 NOV 2010 13:33

Erbil, Kurdistan - Iraq (KRP.org) - Kurdistan Region President Barzani chaired a third broad meeting of the members of the negotiating team from the Kurdistan Alliance to debate and review the status and progress of the government formation talks.

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