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Apply online for Exeter University Kurdish Studies MA

MON, 21 MAY 2007 16:53 | KRG.org

The University of Exeter in the UK is now accepting applications for the Masters degree in Kurdish Studies. This new degree, offered by the university’s Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, begins in October 2007.

This programme, which is open to interested students without any previous specialised background, introduces the study of the Kurdish regions of the Middle East and the Caucasus. The course provides an in-depth understanding to the regions’ modern history, societies, literature, politics and international relations.

A wide range of options and supervisory possibilities for MA dissertation research allow students to pursue their own interests in the multitude of fields related to Kurdish Studies, including the study of Islam in contemporary settings, and to begin related language preparation in Sorani Kurdish.


1. Two core compulsory modules: the first concentrating on assessing Kurdish social, historical and political development from a range of critical viewpoints; and the second on the history and politics of the Kurds.

2. Options selected from any of the Institute’s MA programmes, as well as related MA programmes offered by other departments. These include intensive Sorani Kurdish language offered at Undergraduate level to students without previous knowledge of the language.

3. Research Sources and Methods in Islamic, Middle East and Gulf Studies.

4. Dissertation.


All taught modules (with the exception of Language modules which have an end of year examination) are assessed by coursework, plus a dissertation of 15,000 words must be submitted by 31 August following successful completion of the taught modules.

Entry requirements

A good Honours degree preferably, but not necessarily, in Arabic, Islamic or Middle Eastern Studies. Those without standard entry qualifications are encouraged to contact the directors.

Overseas students must show proficiency in the English language in accordance with English language requirements set by the University (Based on IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency scores or other equivalent examinations).

Mature applicants are encouraged to apply. The University and the Institute have a strong commitment to the widening participation remit and encourage applications from all sections of society, particularly from ethnic and religious minorities.

Read the full details of the MA in Kurdish Studies

Apply online for the full-time one-year MA

Apply online for the part-time two-year MA

Fees and staff contact details can be found here

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