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THU, 17 APR 2014 04:35 Erbil, GMT +3
KRG Press Releases

Head of the DFR welcomes the new Polish Consul

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq –(KRG.org) – The Head of the Department of Foreign Relations, Minister Falah Mustafa along with the Assistant Head of the DFR, Ms. Siham Jabali met today with both the outgoing Polish Consul, Mr. Roman Jerzy Chalaczkiewicz and his replacement, the new Head of the Consular Agency, Mr. Boguslaw Ochodek.

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Kurdistan Regional Government Minister delivers Newroz message at the United Nations

Washington DC, USA (KRG.org) - Minister Falah Mustafa, the Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Department of Foreign Relations, joined representatives of 12 other countries to celebrate the United Nations annual International Day of Newroz, which marks the beginning of the Kurdish New Year and spring equinox.

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KRG Foreign Relations Minister highlights progress and challenges to members of US Congress

Members of US congress join KRG Minister Falah Mustafa in commemorating Kurdish genocide

KRG Austria Representation celebrates Newroz with fellow diplomats and Kurdish and Iraqi community

Other News

The U.S. Welcomes the Announcement by the Kurdistan Regional Government Regarding Oil Exports

The United States welcomes the decision by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to begin oil exports of 100,000 barrels-per-day on April 1 through the Iraqi-Turkey pipeline pursuant to existing export arrangements with the Government of Iraq (GOI).

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A personal story about Halabja

The poison gas attack on the city of Halabja on 16 March 1988 led to the immediate death of over 5000 civilians and severely injured another 7000. Many of the surviving victims and their children suffer until today from diseases such as leukaemia and other cancers, birth defects, nerve palsy or respiratory ailments, skin defects as well as psychological trauma.

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Iraqi Kurdistan inundated as refugees flee fighting in Anbar province

Iraq: the good news

Open the door to the Kurds

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Genocide never leaves us. It is in every face in this town

25 years after 5,000 were killed in massacre, we speak to the survivors in Halabja

Messages from foreign governments and politicians on 25th anniversary of Halabja and Anfal

Messages to Kurdistan from around the world on the 25th anniversary of Halabja and the Anfal, from the White House, PM Erdogan UK Middle East Minister and others.

British parliament unanimously recognises Kurdish genocide

The British parliament unanimously recognised the Kurdish genocide in Iraq while the government and opposition pledged to work together do more on acknowledging the genocide even though the government does not formally recognise it.


Salahaddin University-Hawler invites bids for dormitory project

The Presidency of Salahaddin University-Hawler, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, invites all qualified contractors and companies to participate in the bid for the implementation of the Dormitory Project

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President Barzani to the Kurdistan Review: Our strategy is one of openness to all countries

The Kurdistan Region is open to any country that wants to engage with it politically and economically and to share in its development, President Masoud Barzani says in the Kurdistan Review, a publication launched this week.

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KRG Ministry of Natural Resources Production Sharing Contracts

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